Actionable Intelligence
Actionable Intelligence

The world is seeing a data explosion. However, despite the availability of information, lack of insight into such information continues to bring risk, threats and security breaches in the world we live in. Logikal’s capability to deliver actionable intelligence is powered by the suite of world class offerings from industry leader Verint.

The portfolio of capabilities which together or independently deliver actionable intelligence include:

• Video Management Solution (VMS), which obtains real-time situational awareness. Quickly distribute video to any monitoring station, and customise your system with permissions that ensure trusted cameras have restricted viewing. Offering a flexible user-interface with up to four screens and a 256-tile display for enhanced visibility as well as mobile and web client applications for easy remote access and viewing. Export video and investigation details with law enforcement and national agencies.

• Situation Management Solution (SMC), offering powerful capabilities and delivering a unified solution to boost awareness, enhance safety and drive efficiency.

• Network video recorders (NVR) offer a broad array of versatile and scalable solutions which capture high-quality video images and adapt to evolving security needs for use in finance, banking, retail and other enterprise applications.

• Verint Video Business Intelligence (VBI) is a comprehensive solution that helps forward-thinking retail organisations capture and analyse shopper movement patterns in order to increase conversion rates, improve operational efficiency and maximise customer satisfaction.

• Surveillance Analytics helps organisations make sense of vast amounts of security video data, generating Actionable Intelligence for better decisions and faster, more effective action.

• Address the challenges of indoor and outdoor video surveillance with a wide array of powerful IP cameras that accommodate a variety of objectives and budgets.

• Encoders and decoders are single-port and multi-port high-definition video encoders and decoders designed for indoor applications.

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