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Security Solutions for Critical Infrastructure & Enterprise

Logikal’s solution, powered by Verint, is a single source for virtually every facet of your video security operations. Logikal’s video encoders for single- and multi-camera applications, powered by Verint, deliver the benefits of IP video using analogue cameras, with superior imagery and bandwidth-saving technology. Logikal’s megapixel and IP cameras, powered by Verint, provide high-quality images for indoor and outdoor video surveillance.

Logikal’s video analytics, powered by Verint, automatically pinpoint activity of interest in large volumes of video and data, freeing security staff to focus on neutralising crime, rather than scan banks of monitors trying to detect it. Available on board many edge devices, Logikal’s video analytics, powered by Verint, provide superior analytic accuracy with lower bandwidth, server, and storage requirements.

Logikal’s video management software, powered by Verint, lets you manage and monitor your video surveillance system on site, centrally, or from remote locations. Logikal’s solution, powered by Verint, streamlines management of your geographically dispersed video operations and helps you make the most of on-site security staff. Logikal’s video management software, powered by Verint, includes:

• Automated system health monitoring and diagnostics for superior availability and lower maintenance costs

• Policy-based video distribution and event notification for fast and effective action

• Live and recorded video viewing with an interactive map of facility layouts and camera locations for rapidly zeroing in on activity of interest

• Efficient, software-based virtual matrix switching for high scalability

• Versatile investigation management capabilities for collecting case-related video, audio, and data in a searchable database to enable faster, more productive investigations.

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