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Financial Sector

Security Solutions for Banks and Financial Institutions

There are tens of thousands of bank branches and financial services locations throughout the world. The banking business combines elements of high-end commercial services with a front-line retailing component. A single large bank might have thousands of locations, even more ATM sites, and each facility can present a variety of unique security needs. Logikal’s deep penetration in the banking vertical has earned customer confidence in Logikal’s technology leadership and commitment to financial customers, which extends to its comprehensive video surveillance offerings, powered by Verint.

Locating Video Quickly From Remote Sites

Logikal’s Vid-Center client software, powered by Verint, serves all video functions including DVR/NVR configuration, live video viewing, viewing recorded video, event search, system logs, and firmware and license feature updates. Vid-Center is compatible with the entire range of Logikal solution recorders, powered by Verint, including mobile and legacy recorders. Features and benefits include the ability to view video alongside events and to view multiple cameras associated with events simultaneously. Thumbnail searches can locate video quickly if it isn't associated with an event. Privacy masking protects sensitive areas, such as PIN pads and vault combinations, an increasingly popular feature given the ongoing saturation of megapixel cameras that capture greater detail. Other features include instant alerts and surveillance analytics. Multiple DVRs on a single site or across multiple sites can be managed as a complete system.

Security Intelligence and Situation Awareness

Logikal’s solution, powered by Verint, includes the EdgeVR, a powerful network video recorder offering hybrid analogue/IP capabilities and a range of analytic rules to address retail banking and corporate facilities needs. Designed for geographically distributed operations, the EdgeVR is ideal for financial institutions. Advanced capabilities include high-quality imagery, optimised bandwidth utilisation, a secured embedded operating system and industry-leading interfaces.

Powerful Analytics

Logikal’s solution for surveillance analytics, powered by Verint, helps security staff make sense of vast amounts of security video and data, generating actionable intelligence for better decisions and faster, more effective action. The application identifies and generates alerts for a variety of user-defined events relating to people, vehicles and static objects. Analytics rules may include crossing a pre-defined perimeter or line (trip wire), an object left behind, loitering, or movement within a restricted area. Surveillance analytics help protect assets and detect bank ATM fraud.

Building Business Efficiency

Logikal’s systems go beyond security to enhance business operations. The Logikal Video Business Intelligence portfolio, powered by Verint, provides financial institutions with the ability to analyse customer activity with accurate people counting, track customer behaviour such as dwell times and wait times, and analyse other branch activity.

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