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Government Sector

Accelerated Networks

Government agencies expect their IT organisations to provide network and application availability to their employees, contractors, citizens and residents at the lowest possible cost.


Logikal’s solution, powered by the Unified Service Delivery Management framework and the nGeniusONE platform, leverages advanced packet flow technologies to enable government IT organisations to optimise service delivery performance, protect the user experience, simplify managing complex service delivery environments and reduce the overall cost of IT operations.

The nGeniusONE platform streamlines service delivery management by providing a converged solution for network and application performance management that transcends component management tools and delivers holistic visibility across complex, multi-vendor, distributed environments. The nGeniusONE platform delivers essential capabilities including:

• Mission assurance
• Real-time situational awareness and incident response
• Performance management
• Historical analysis
• An end-to-end comprehensive view into the performance of delivered services encompassing networks, applications and users
• Proactive identification of emerging performance or availability issues before large numbers of users are impacted
• Faster problem solving with more efficient and effective triage and decisive root cause identification
• Improved IT operations team collaboration and operational efficiency of IT processes


Security Solutions for Airports

Powerful Solutions for Safe and Secure Transportation Environments

Logikal’s solutions, powered by Verint, are built to address a broad range of specific security concerns at large international airports or private aviation sites, helping officials scale operations and security requirements today and into the future.


Today’s airports operate like small cities, with a similar variety of activities and a wide range of people, facilities and assets to be protected. Logikal’s video and situation intelligence solutions, powered by Verint, combine disparate security information into a manageable, user-friendly interface, providing airport security personnel with quick access to real-time information. This can be especially beneficial at large airports, which cover massive geographical areas and typically include multiple buildings, open spaces, large parking areas, lanes of vehicular traffic, and hundreds of entrances and exits.

An open platform approach and ability to integrate with other third-party systems enables us to present a unified view of what’s happening around the airport to help promote stronger security and permit a co-ordinated emergency response when needed.

Solutions Designed for Enterprise Transportation Systems

The combination of valuable tools to enhance airport security, such as video and audio surveillance, video analytics and advanced alarm systems, enable the correlation of critical sensory data. Feature-rich video viewing and policy-based distribution help improve emergency management throughout the airport, and Logikal’s video management software, powered by Verint, unifies views into a simple, easy-to-use format to empower situation awareness and enable rapid response.

Security Solutions for Correctional Facilities

Logikal’s audio and video surveillance solutions, powered by Verint, enable corrections officers to be more productive while maintaining a critical level of security.

From local jails to state and federal prisons, all corrections facilities share a mission of ensuring safety and security. Corrections officers rely on video surveillance and security data to provide views throughout a facility and to supply real-time information on incidents that can erupt in seconds.

Comprehensive Situation Intelligence
The complete suite of Logikal video surveillance and audio solutions, powered by Verint, delivers inmate intelligence, allowing correctional facilities to monitor activities while augmenting officer capabilities and reducing liability. Logikal’s video surveillance solutions, powered by Verint, simplify operation of video surveillance at correctional facilities, making corrections officers more efficient and boosting their confidence in the value of video as a security tool.

Video Analytics for Corrections Applications
Logikal’s solution for surveillance analytics, powered by Verint, can alert a corrections officer instantly if there is activity in an unauthorised area. Using this software, a “virtual fence” can be drawn around any area of a jail or prison and an alert created if a prisoner crosses the virtual boundary. Analytics can detect if a camera lens has been covered or a camera moved from its position.

Valuable Inmate Intelligence
With Logikal’s solutions for corrections, powered by Verint, facilities can enhance inmate and facility intelligence, and experience a significant return on investment. Specific benefits include:

• Aids in legal defence by providing strong video evidence
• Reinforces overall system structure to oversee inmate health, safety and rehabilitation, including PREA
• Augments manpower
• Allows facilities to leverage existing investments in technology such as existing camera and microphone infrastructure

Security Solutions for Mass Transportation

Reduce Operating Costs, Increase Safety and Improve System Availability
Passengers relying on modern rapid transit systems expect a safe and expedient trip to their destination. Technology improves daily to facilitate secure and successful transport, yet security threats continue to present themselves in these dynamic transit environments.

Security technology solutions, especially intelligent video management platforms, are valuable in helping transportation agencies maintain a secure environment. In fact, security solutions that leverage the IT infrastructure and help deliver optimal video image quality can assist in reducing crime and speeding up investigations. Transit operations hubs equipped with advanced enterprise video monitoring solutions can enable visibility of each platform and the surrounding property, allowing threats to be identified and monitored.

The Logikal portfolio of solutions, powered by Verint, provides urban rail transit agencies with several key tools to support their efforts to deliver safe and secure transportation. Not only can Logikal’s solution (powered by Verint) help to enhance security, but it also provides a window into the support operations of the entire rail network – from custodial services and ticketing to traffic management and on-board car visibility.

Safe City Solutions

Today’s towns, cities and metropolitan areas feature incredibly vast and varied infrastructure serving millions of people. They are continuously vulnerable to threats and events, driven by crime, terror, and natural disasters. Such threats and events pose significant risk to the safety and well-being of citizens. To handle these enormous responsibilities, law enforcement, public safety, and intelligence agencies can consider a more comprehensive approach that includes new synergies between early warnings and real-time situations providing a complete cycle for intelligence, evidence, response, investigations, and de-briefing.

Logikal’s solution, powered by Verint, offers a unified approach that gives unprecedented visibility and insights to safe city efforts, leveraging data from strategic sensors and devices to identify areas of interest even before an emergency escalates. With innumerable strategically located sensors, in addition to general public awareness programs, cities can collect and analyse information faster, manage and respond to situations efficiently, and keep their citizens safe.


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