Project Management Office Offering

Much has been written about IT projects. However, only about 1 in 40 projects fully succeed at delivering organisationnal benefits, strategic gains and performance improvements.

We utilise a robust framework for implementing the changes to implement business strategy. Successful change requires a robust and complete business case. We assist with

• Investment evaluation, and development of business cases and monitoring the benefit contribution.

• Programme assurance or management of the ERP implementation

• Risk-based project assessment for a software development project

• Project assistance for the implementation of a large “in-house” system for an IT company

Project review
We conduct IT projects audits to assist with:

• Foreseeing and planning change,

• Assessing program interdependencies or

• Monitoring the integrator or other external suppliers.

Change and project management
We advise on IT best practices in project governance and change management (recommendations or assistance to management regarding communications, stakeholders management, provision of a PMO)

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