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Retail Sector

A comprehensive video management portfolio to help retailers prevent loss, protect assets and improve business performance.

The retail industry faces tough challenges ranging from a highly competitive, commoditised market to organised crime and shrinkage. Logikal’s powerful video management portfolio, powered by Verint, provides retailers with an increased level of visibility and associated metrics in a store and across the retail chain. The robust suite of video applications includes award-winning IP video management software, video business intelligence applications, encoders and decoders, IP cameras, intelligent NVRs, situation management software and industry-leading business system interfaces.

Retail Industries

The Logikal advanced video portfolio, powered by Verint, goes beyond loss prevention. We understand that security solutions and business intelligence must serve a variety of purposes: from increasing sales and securing assets to improving workforce productivity and customer satisfaction.

Infrastructure Protection - As a retailer, you have valuable inventory, customers, personnel and facilities to protect. The Logikal portfolio features powerful video analytics modules, powered by Verint, to help retailers ensure entire operations are protected. With sophisticated features such as object left behind, retailers can monitor loading docks and store perimeters, as well as identify unauthorised entrance or blockage of fire doors - rapidly detecting potentially threatening situations and adhering to safety regulations.

Loss Prevention & Asset Protection - Retailers need to understand all facets influencing their operations. Information like point-of-sale data can play a major role in that analysis. Leveraging the Logikal portfolio, powered by Verint, users can link recorded video with internal POS systems to understand data and quickly recall details for investigative purposes. Logikal’s solution, powered by Verint, also offers powerful third party integrations such as EAS and RFID sensor data capture – integrating associated video based on location of the alarm.

People Counting & Surveillance View - Designed with superior technology, Logikal’s solution, powered by Verint, integrates with surveillance cameras to capture precise details and deliver clear images with resistance to external lighting elements such as sun and shadows. In addition, Surveillance View allows retailers to gain more insight to live and recorded video. Most video counting systems only capture a top view, however, with Surveillance View, retailers can extract front view images and create a stored album for future usage and investigative purposes.

Queue Management - Without sufficient staff and products, retailers face dissatisfied customers and lost sales. At the same time, overstaffing increases operational costs. The Logikal portfolio, powered by Verint, provides a queue management application to ensure a pleasant experience for customers. Using standard IP cameras at entrances and checkout lanes, the queue management application accurately collects and reports the number of people in the queue.

Store Performance - Understanding how and why shoppers choose the products they do is paramount to a retailer’s success. With Logikal’s solution, powered by Verint, store managers can measure the number of shoppers in an end-cap, aisle, department, or in the store at any given time. Armed with this data, retailers can identify in-store traffic patterns to improve store layout and drive shopper conversion.

Customer Experience Management - Logikal’s solution, powered by Verint, allows retailers to quickly search for customer behaviours and patterns: when customers shopped, where they shopped, and how long they dwelled. These insights can dramatically enhance operational decisions for in-store marketing, product placement, advertising and staffing.

Dashboards are often used to provide a range of information, such as queue length, wait time, and shopper conversion. Leveraging this insight, retailers can plan staff schedules according to actual and predictive customer volumes, ensuring a superior customer experience and greater overall sales.

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